Diatribe #8: The zombies, UFOs and naked pumpkin runners edition

23 Oct

This week we discuss Denver’s readiness in the event of a zombie attack with the Onion‘s A.V. Club editor certified zombologist Cory Casciato. In other freaking news, did you even know there’s a proposition on the ballot in Denver to establish a committee to investigate UFO encounters? (The Diatribe’s endorsement: Vote YES on initiative 300.) Also, the continuing controversy regarding nudity in Boulder, this time in the form of the long embattled Naked Pumpkin Run.

Listen: Denver Diatribe podcast: Week 10/25/10

Here’s the “Pink UFO” music video released to support the UFO Commission ballot initiative and expose how extraterrestrials cure cancer:

In this week’s love and hate, Jared Jacang Maher endorses visionary crackpot and DIA conspiracist, William Tapley:

Joel Warner, meanwhile, loved on the Denver Public Library’s collection of graphic novels and comic books.

John Dicker: loved on Ken Buck’s recent likening of homosexuality to alcoholism. Well, he loved the fact that this caused the Senate candidate to retreat from a comment that as recently as five years ago would have A. Not received any scrutiny since so many Republicans would offer the same statement or B. served as a boon to his campaign. Wither homophobia.

Join us next week when our guest will be 5280’s online editor, Vanessa Martinez.


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